Family Group Conferences


Why Joint Decisions?

  • I believe in the family group conference concept and process, and have seen how families have benefited from taking the opportunity to meet together to jointly seek and agree a way forward.
  • Joint Decisions is committed to create a tailor made, individual package to suit your family's requirements and help you to invest in your future and family relationships.
  • Joint Decisions will work with you and your family, to create an opportunity for you to talk openly and honestly and to help you make your plan for the future.
  • To facilitate discussion for families whose first language isn't English, the services of an interpreter are available. 

The process

  • A family group conference is a voluntary event which is led by family members with the support of an independent coordinator and provides an opportunity for the family to come together to discuss, in an open and honest manner, matters which are causing conflict or difficulties for them.
  • The strength of the Family Group Conference model is based on the fact that a family knows its business best; the things that work well, the challenges and the relationships, thereby putting the members of the family in an ideal place to agree to work together and to move forward.
  • 'Family' can include blood relatives, extended family and even friends and neighbours, in fact anyone who is important to achieve the aim of moving forward.
  • The process may be focused on a child who is at risk (in which case the Local Authority Social Care may be involved) although family group conferences can be appropriate for a wide range of situations. The important starting point is that the family want to move forward and change their situation.
  • Where children and young people are an aspect of the family group conference, they are normally involved although often with support from an advocate. It is important that their views, wishes and feelings are heard.
  • In the first part of the meeting, if involved, social workers and other professionals set out their concerns and what support could be made available.
  • In the second part of the meeting, family members then meet on their own to make their plan.

Want to know more about how Joint Decisions may be the help you are looking for?

  • Are you a Local Authority or other organisation providing services to help families through difficult times?
  • Are you a family at a point where you want to resolve some issues but recognise that everything you have tried so far hasn't worked?

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